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5 Days People...5 Days!

You probably won't have that long though - we are expecting a pretty big day today. Our good friends over at Rockey Brass just blew us up in their e-mail chain this morning and the site traffic is quite significant and nobody has really woken up yet!

I'll write a little more about Rockey Brass in a later blog but needless to say them helping us out with a blast is significant, and appreciated. What else can I say other than buy something from your support...and thank them for helping out the "little guy" they have some great deals going on right now!

So "for now" and probably only the next few hours as people start waking up we do still have frames in stock there are not many left anywhere, and there are definitely NO MORE CL FRAMES anywhere other than what we have in stock! We still have those exclusively and they are all boxed up with our rails and pins and ready to ship.

Shipping times are 2-3 days currently. We will cease taking orders on frames at Midnight on the 20th of August to ensure we can get everything out.

Just going to link you guys to the frames I am sure you can figure it out from there. Free shipping on orders over $250.00!!

Love Y'all

ROOK Tactical

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