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$80 80% CL frames with no rails or pins!

For the budget minded and to help clear out the last of the frames we are splitting the remaining stock and selling some CL frames as they came to us from Polymer80 with only jigs, frame and drill bits. So you can get an 80% CL Frame for $80

You can then either purchase ROOK Tacticals rails and pins at a later date or go here and purchase a set of rails from Polymer80 for $54.99 and have yourself a CL frame for $134.99 plus shipping.

There will still be some ROOK Tactical Edition CL frames in stock, and we are still cutting sales off tomorrow morning and will ship out everything we have on Monday.

Again before you click below READ THE FINE PRINT these frames will just come with the FRAME, THE DRILL BITS and the JIG in the box for $80.00+Shipping. No refunds or returns.

Get em while you can!


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