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And we are back! Barely....but with LOTS of NEW products!

Hey Y'all -

Did you miss us? Sorry we have been gone so long we came back from Vegas, and Covid-19 took down half the household my Wife and I included. Thankfully it seems to have been the Omicron strain AKA the flu and we are doing much better now!

SHOT Show was amazing!! Everything we expected and so much more, we met a bunch of great people, created some new contacts, and worked on strengthening the ones we have already. Unfortunately, we have not done too much to capitalize on our time there yet due to the sickness but we are getting there. We literally only got around maybe 60% of the whole show it really was enormous, and next year we will plan on being there for probably the entire week as it's the only way to get it all in.

Okay SO! We DO have some new products to show off/release! We did a sneak peek of our guide rods a few months back and we have a couple of versions. The BETA tester has now run them through their paces and he really likes them.

So we have your standard G19 Smooth Operator Guide Rod - it has a nice radiused nose on the front to stop slide snags. It's manufactured from 17-4SS, Precipitation Hardened, of course. They are quite weighty at 22g to help with that muzzle flip, and they feature the ROOK Tactical Logo MILLED into one end which, we think, is a pretty cool feature. We are offering them in Black DLC, Gold Titanium Nitride, and Standard Stainless Steel. All guide rods will ship with a standard weight WOLFF Spring (Gen 3 = 18lbs). We picked up a dealer license with them and will be looking to expand our offerings in the future as they really are the best gun spring guys out there. G17 Guide Rods are also in the future plans.

Next, we have the G19 TAC-SPIKE. So this one is a little different. When installed it will protrude a short 1/2" Spike out of the front of the gun so while functioning as a guide rod it can also be used as a Pain Compliance Device (PCD) or a DOMER in case of real emergency when the Zombies are too close and you are out of bullets. It also features our ROOK Tactical engraved logo and obviously is NOT recommended for appendix carry. We don't take ourselves too seriously here at ROOK and this is evidence of that. My business partner doesn't think we will sell any, I think you should prove him wrong! Again, they are offered in Black DLC, Titanium Nitride Gold, and Stainless Steel. We may make some more of these we may not so they could become very limited edition or they could be a flop and we end up giving them away in six months who knows?

How about some pins? Finally right!?!?? Yeah, we listened to you guys and went ahead and coated some of our very popular dimpled pin kits for the Polymer 80 Chassis. It took us a while to find a good vendor as we didn't want to have that "lack of coverage" that we see on some of the less premium pin kits from our competitors. We really do believe we make some of the finest and strongest pin sets on the market. Our BETA tester breaks the trigger pins of some of our competitors frequently. He has ROOK trigger pins with 40,000 rounds on them from us that still look brand new. Now they are coated! Available in Titanium Nitride and Black DLC we should have more colors soon along with a pin kit specifically for the PF45 and PF940SC. Select your finish on the same page!

While we were there we went ahead and ordered some more of the DLC Coated Smooth Operator Safety Plungers that have been quite popular except now we have them in Titanium Nitride also! The DLC is holding up well with zero wear showing after thousands of rounds, it may actually be a lifetime plunger! We also put some of the regular stainless steel ones back in stock!

How about some Gen 4 or Gen 3 Slide Adapters that allow the use of a Gen 3 Recoil spring in Gen 4 slides? Same Again in Stainless Steel, Titanium Nitride, and DLC!!

Okay so this wasn't going to be a rail drop it was just going to be new products but then 200 sets of rear rail arrived, and we decided to say eff it and just drop it all, because, well we like to keep y'all on your toes. Since we are dropping new products we went ahead and put them back in stock for 10 minutes before sending out the e-mail letting everybody else know. There SHOULD be some left but you better hurry!

Let's see what else...what...else oh I know! If you go look you can probably find that you can now sign up for Back In Stock alerts for the G26/G27 aka PF940SC Front Rail. They are now officially in production and we have a LOT of them on order - so make sure you sign up for the back-in-stock notifications as that is as always the best way to stay informed of when they do drop and we will put them back in stock before sending out the e-mail!

Also, this is your friendly reminder. ROOK Tactical will no longer give out dates on when we will re-stock items. Nor do we take back orders, special orders, bribes, or any other suggestions on how we should do business. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for back-in-stock requests. This is the same message we tell everybody as we are considering making it an auto-reply on our chatbot as we get asked this about 50 times a week.

Love Y'all!


Oh, Shoot! I almost forgot we got some new larger format stickers and we will be sprinkling them through the orders in this drop we really like them they turned out great!

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