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CL Frames with ROOK Rails and ROOK G17/G19 Front Rails in Stock NOW!

Hey Y'all

Time to drop that next batch of sweet CL frames. Tonight though we are also dropping a BUNCH of front rails in stock they should last at least an hour...right...riigghhhttt?

I guess we shall see.

CL Frames here:

Don't forget we have CL Magwells also but only a few left!

G17 aka V2/CL/PF45 Front Rails here:

G19 aka PF940C/Strike80 Front Rails here:

Also don't forget we have free priority shipping on all Polymer80 Frames included in the purchase price and we still have quite a few regular frames in stock!

Better get them now before the prices rise everywhere due to the incoming craziness.

That's all folks!


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