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Cobalt CL Frames?

Alright so...we still have a LOT of CL frames left (160 or so), but only 4 of the Cobalts. It is my favorite color but I think I am willing to part with some. That some being...4...

Also they will be at the full original price of $225.00 it's not price gouging. This was the original price charged for the ROOK Tactical edition frames and we only have four of them and they are in demand. They will come with all the ROOK goodies and one or two extras like a DLC Safety Plunger and DLC pins (Instead of Stainless Steel) to offset some of that extra cost...see...we are fair!

So head over to the site and see if you can get lucky.

Oh and we had to cancel some orders to Commiefornia so we have a few more grey V2 frames an SS frames going back in stock also. Frame count is as follows:

2 x PF940V2 - Gray

3 x PF940SC - Gray

6 x PF940SC - OD Green

Better hurry up!

Love Y'all ROOK

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