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Guns and Life - Both Need Balance!

Hey Y'all - well we are back after a little R&R. I do apologize for those that got some delayed shipping but we really needed a break.

Managed to take this picture of some rocks I stacked while we were away. Turned out pretty nice probably one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, and definitely exhibits that needed balance. Bonus points and a free hat to the first person who can tell me the location in the comments! I'm going to make it hard though you have to name the lake too!

Just a quick update to let you know that PF940/V2/C/SC Rails are back in stock. We have had a tremendous amount of re-stock notifications though so they won't last long:

There plenty of PF45 Rear Rails in stock but are getting somewhat low on the fronts V2/PF45's I think there are 50 sets left but I will put those in stock right meow! ROOK will order some more immediately but expect a 2-3 week wait before production can fire up and we start receiving them again:

How about some BIG NEWS! It's official ROOK Tactical will have a (small) booth at the NRA show in Houston on the 3rd,4th, and 5th of September. So if you are in town and have an opportunity to stop by please come by and visit booth #4815 on the south-east corner of the hall or right hand side as you come through the doors, we would love to meet you!

Last but not least the G26 prototype rails in Stainless Steel will be waiting for me when I get home this evening. We will be getting those out to our tester immediately for some testing. So I would expect production to start in 2-3 weeks. No pre-sale but we will keep you informed of when they will drop.

That frees us up to go to work on the PF9SS front and rears we know y'all have been waiting for. The designs are actually mostly done but still need a little tweaking, but we will have them out ahead of schedule we think. Original planned release date was December, but at this pace October is somewhat feasible.

Always always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd

ROOK Tactical.

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