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If you are receving this e-mail...its already too late.

We sold out of rear rails in 30 minutes yesterday - which is 10 minutes more than last time and 29 minutes longer than I last with my Wife...( but who's counting right? ) That's the sad news .... We also sold out of the compact front rails they lasted a little longer....but alas

now all we have are some of those pesky G17/PF45/V2 front rails.

The good news is that we are in the process of significantly upping our production(well as soon as we can we were quite busy over Christmas ). What does this mean for you (And for us but I mean we do this for you) ? For starters there will be more control on our part to be able to produce more for you all to try to crash our website. But rest assured we are working on making the rails more available. After Black Friday we made some changes to help those who signed up get first shot that's what we did this round. Well with feedback from you ... our favorite people we are planning on making another change. It has been brought to our attention that people actually work (who would have thought right? ) So next drop for all those subscribed will be after 5PM Texas time to give you hard working stiffs your shot. You still need to be signed up for the back in stock notifications (are we seeing the trend here yet? be signed up) We are also working on adding new ROOK products for you hardcore builders like billet uncaptured guide rods and coated uncaptured guide rods, new coatings for the rails etc. So while we can't give you an exact time frame I can tell you big things are coming ( yes including rails plus subcompact rails and single stack rails I promise ). So a big thank you to all of those who got ROOK'd yesterday and for those who are still waiting we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get you al taken care of. On the flipside there are still some Full size front rails left ( but not many) so if you were looking to build that custom CL by chopping down a full size frame now's your chance.

Lastly there are some hard to find Vapor slides from NineX19 can you say Black and GOLD? We also have a BUNCH of GLOCK parts in stock now that are have been hard to find this past year like OEM Trigger Housing and Trigger Pins, non-LCI 9mm spring bearings. So have a poke around as you may just find something you need! And as always Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!!


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