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Hey Y'all!

Okay so we are back from SHOT Show and it was as always AMAZING! We made some great connections and did our best to solidify the future of ROOK Tactical.

Our friends over at Oracle ( released their new 2311 Pistol and it was one of the hits of the show.


If you haven't seen it yet go check it out. I was lucky enough to shoot it at Range Day and it was amazing. As was the Alien Laugo, but that's a whole other story.

The discounts for SHOT Show will hold through the end of the day today.

We will be packing up all the orders received while we were our over the next few days and try to get everything shipped by Monday.

Next week we are going to do a SHOT Show Swag bag giveaway. There will be multiple swag bags up for grabs with hats stickers, shirts, rare patches and all sorts of other different swag our Swag Lady K managed to score at SHOT Show. There's probably 5-10 bags worth of stuff and we will be giving out some free rail sets to the first place winner and some other rails sprinkled among the bags. It will be Instagram only so make sure you head over there and give us a follow so you can see when the giveaway contest drops - probably Monday next week.

LASTLY we are going to put some more rear rails in stock for the Last day of SHOT. So go get them before they are gone - they won't last!

Love Y'all


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