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PF45 Rear Rails anybody?

Howdy Y'all -

Did you miss us? We know we know....its been a while. There's been so much in the works and so much going on, we just aren't ready to talk about it yet. However I can promise you we have some epic things coming before this supposed ATF rule gets passed in June.

One thing we can tell you about is that we now have our new CNC machine installed and ready to make parts. It took a little longer to get it than expected due to some unforeseen circumstances, but now it is here and ready to go, after a clean bill of health from the HURCO technician. We will not be using this to make more rails as we have been putting some serious effort into the production of those at our supplier and are expanding across other suppliers - more on that at a later date.

So yeah basically I will keep it short and sweet this evening. We have 200 sets of PF45 rails going in stock and they historically sell slower than the PF940C rear rails, but we have had a lot of people ask about them so good luck - we hope you manage to get a set if you are seeking them. If not then not to worry we will be making more.

The good news is the ATF deal appears to not affect rear rails so we should still be able to manufacture those even if the fronts get firebombed into being a serialized part.

While we are here - we still have some TAC Spikes in stock though they have been selling pretty well - if you happen to have one installed please send pictures to so we can feature them on our page and/or tag us at our instagram @rooktactical we would love to see some of the more creative builds with TAC Spikes.

Lastly I guess we will go ahead and knock 10% off all factory GLOCK parts for the next 24 hours we have quite a bit of 10mm stuff still in stock. We are also working on a website refresh that should make things easier to search in the not too distant future.

Oh and before I forget we have two vapor slides in stock! G19 Battleworn Grey with Black Barrel. Those are

Lots and lots of other items in the works...we just can't talk about them yet. Oops...

Love Y'all.


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