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PF940C Rails back in Stock Now! Only 39 days left for P80s!

Howdy Y'all!

Well as we said rails would be coming in stock more often, and here we are ten days after the July 4th sale where we sold a very large amount of rails and we are already re-stocking!

Got plenty of PF940V2 front rails and a decent re-stock of PF940C/Strike80 front rails.

We still have OD GREEN and COYOTE CL frames in stock which is really surprising us to be honest. We absolutely thought that they would sell out within the first couple of sales. Still have some standard frames available also, and all frames whether standard or ROOK Tactical edition include FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING.

As we all know August 25th is still the date on the cards for when the sale of Polymer80's will cease. There are various lawsuits in the works but we have no idea what the outcome of those will be. So the next 39 days are pretty much currently your last chances to pick these up.

There are also other rules going into effect in states like Illinois, and Maryland. We are currently unsure if we will be able to continue shipping locking blocks/rails to those states after that date its yet to be determined, but it definitely looks like they are also going after the "parts" that may constitute or participate in an 80% firearm. California? Well now apparently we will be able to be sued if somebody happens to use a firearm with some of our pins or one of our safety plungers in yeah there's that...

We have some new products dropping in the next few months "Tac Spikes and Guide Rods for G17 and G20/21 *cough**cough*" Oooo and if you read this far G26 front rails are in production now so make sure you are signed up for the back-in-stock notifications unless you want to miss out on those when they start to drop.

There's always a reward at the end with ROOK.

Love Y'all


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