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PF940SC (Sub Compact) Rails AKA G26 STILL in stock! 12% off all OEM Glock Parts.

Well this is a first! WE have NOT sold out of the G26 aka PF940SC front rails and we JUST released them. So either we underestimated the demand, actually got enough in stock to not sell-out ,or everybody is asleep at the wheel and doesn't realize we dropped them! Or maybe ROOK is the indicator of the economy crashing...ruh roh...

So here's your nudge - wake up! ROOK Tactical actually has ALL of the rails we make in stock except for the PF45's. We even have standard rear rails - strange I know....

ROOK also managed to score some OEM Gen 3 Trigger Housings with the 336 ejectors in them and those have been hard to find for a while! We have the Nomad 30274 Ejector Clones that we recommend replacing the 336 ejectors with in stock.

Lets go ahead an take 12% off all OEM GLOCK Products through Sunday also!

Now sell me out of SC rails please!

Love Y'all


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