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Production Issues Make me go GRRRRR!!!

I could go ahead and blame the EPIC crash of the Crypto market today but that would be uncouth. Hope everybody has some powder and is buying the dip!

Came back from vacation all rested, ready and raring to go. Prepared to ship out the next big batch of front and rear rails, and unfortunately we can't deliver - YET.

The whole world right now is experiencing supply chain issues and some of our deliveries are getting pushed to the right. It's happening in my day job too. Lumber, Metals, everything.

I know we promised a drop this week but unfortunately they are just not going to make it today.

We are trying hard to get regular production going and for the rear rails which seem to be very much in demand based on the e-mails and messages.

Anyway we promise we are trying our best to saturate the market. But a good quality product can and does sometimes take time.

We have a LOT of things in the pipeline and will continue to deliver as soon as we can.

Your understanding and support is as always appreciated.

Cheers Everybody!

ROOK Tactical.

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