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Rear Rails are NOT in Stock...AGAIN....and we are sorry....

Hey Y'all -

Just a quick note to let you know if you received any back in stock notifications this evening it was the website developing a mind of its own again.

We are not sure what is going on. WIX added the back-in-stock notification feature a few months back, and for us at least it has just never really worked correctly. I have reached out multiple times now and am just not getting the traction needed. So for now we will be going back to old school. This means turning off the automations and back in stock notifications and just dropping it on the blog and sending it to everybody when we get them back in stock. You will have to fight amongst yourselves as to who gets some.

What happens for some reason is, the website seems to oversell rails almost every time as they sell out quick and then it shows a negative stock. At first we were setting it back to zero, but then it seemed to self correct after a few days (our initial theory), and add those negative rails back into stock and trigger the e-mail. So then we tried a different tact and just left it be thinking that the website would do its background magic jiggery-pokery without interference and set itself back to zero. Negative Ghost Rider it still wants to put rails back in stock . To add insult to injury it only ever puts like maybe 4-6 sets in stock so then everybody piles in - they sell out in 30 seconds, and then I have a bunch of pissed off customers and rightly so if they happened to be mid-coitus when they got the alert!

So of course we have reached out to WIX but to no avail. Also interesting, since we are in the top 0.002% of ALL of their websites for traffic and sales (Out of over 2 Million) and were assigned a special customer service rep due to this fact, is the idea that we are having such a hard time getting any kind of resolution. I have asked to speak with the coders as an engineer I am sure I can explain better to them than somebody who just deals with customers, and together we may able to sort the issue out. I am really reluctant to point to them not being 2A friendly as the reason we are not receiving help as I do not think that is the case. For now though we are going to have to go back to the medieval methods and just drop a blog when its time.

Speaking of medieval have y'all seen our Tac-Spike? They are quite medieval.

Look Y'all - we have always been pretty transparent as a business through this blog and I hope to continue that for years to come as we grow and expand. Writing these little blogs always provides me with some catharsis and an opportunity for some humor.

I promise and swear we are trying as hard as we can to make, manufacture, procure and sell as many of these damn rails as we possibly can - anybody who thinks we aren't should probably ask themselves what kind of company wouldn't want to make money?

I would love to snap my fingers and flood the market tomorrow - as that would enable me to focus on OTHER things like expanding our product offerings, and strategizing what the next two years look like, getting our CNC machine up and running etc.

We just lost a MAJOR player in our sphere with Marine Gun Builder going down. I may write more about that some other time, but it was a little spooky to us (I also have a lot of respect for Kenny's privacy), and from our perspective, the time we have to make these rails may be limited and fleeting. We therefore have to be ready and prepared as a business to survive losing what essentially has been 70% of our business this past year. The best way for us to stave that off is to make as many of these things as fast as we can, while we can, and we are striving for that I promise.

As far as the back in stock notifications it's not our fault, but all I can say is we are sorry and we have now made a change that should prevent it from happening in the near future.

Much Love Y'all.


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