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REAR RAILS Restock + SWAG Giveaway!

Hey Y'all

Well we are full caught up from SHOT Show and are now back up running and producing rails at a faster rate than before! Head on over to the site as you will find them in stock - until they run out of course!

Also don't forget we are having a MASSIVE Swag giveaway on our Instagram Page. Ten bags are up for grabs filled with SHOT Show SWAG. It's seriously a LOT of stuff!

SHOT Show SWAG Giveaway!

PLUS! The first place prize is guaranteed a set of front and rear rails of their choice! There may be some other rails kits sprinkled through the bags also depending on how generous we are feeling.

Make sure you FOLLOW, LIKE and SHARE with three (3) people one of the tagged must be a company listed in the vendors that donated stuff to the cause!


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