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ROOK Tactical 4th of July FREEDOM Sale starts today at 12pm Central! Giveaway ends today also!

Hey Y'all

You have a couple of hours left to go and follow us on Instagram for your chance at a free CL Frame in Cobalt. Like the post below and then share with three friends in that same thread to be entered for our CL Frame Giveaway. Go do it now we just crossed 1000 followers!

Just going to dive right in and list the deals today:

CL Frames will be on sale for 10% off or $202.50 + free priority shipping (No California Sales!) This WILL be the last batch to drop. What we do not sell will go back to $225.00 after Monday and will stay there until they are all sold. Link below:

CL Frames

Standard Polymer80 Frames we have V2's and SC's in stock will be on sale for 109.99 + free priority shipping (No California Sales!)

V2 Frames

SC Frames

ALL ROOK Tactical Rails - which we virtually never discount - will also be on sale with 10% off while supplies last! The re-stock is pretty large but we don't expect them to last long!

PF45 and V2 Front Rails

PF940V2/C/SC/Strike80 Rear Rails

PF940C/Strike80 Front Rails

ALL Other ROOK Tactical parts will be 15% off including the newly released today TiN and DLC "Perfect Fit" PF45 Pin kits, Tin and DLC SubCompact Pin kits and TiN and DLC Nomad 9 Pin Kits:

"Perfect Fit" PF 45 Pin Kits

PF940SC Pin Kits

Nomad 9 Pin Kits

We are currently backordered on Guide Rod Springs so we will not have those available today but we will put them up at the discounted price at a later date once we get springs in.

Last but not least We are going to discount ALL OEM GLOCK parts and the CL Magwells that go with the CL Frames 17.76%.

One more thing I just got word as I was writing this blog that we crossed 1,000 followers on Instagram!

Thank you to everyone who helped with that!!

We will be picking the winner of the Cobalt CL frame after noon today and reaching out to them personally to let them know. Along with announcing it on our Instagram page and blog. Unfortunately we had to and are still dealing with a scammer this week so if you get a message saying you have won make sure you take the time to verify it's real! If you receive a message from rooktactical_ or rooktacticals that's not us!

See you at NOON!

Love Y'all


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