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ROOK Tactical Black Friday SALE! 2PM CST Start!

Alright so we were going back and forth between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and in the end decided today was the day, and we may try to do another separate deal for Cyber Monday.


This gives the West Coasters a chance to wake up and recover from their respective turkey coma's.

How about we start off with a DOORBUSTER Deal? These are going to be extremely limited and only 1 per person. If you try to order more than one your order will be canceled. A total of 25 will be made available.

IMPORTANT! If you order the DOORBUSTER you will need to indicate in the notes section of your order, what items you would like as part of your package, as we are letting you build your own doorbuster so choose one item from from the first category and third category below:

  • 1 of Either the PF940C/Strike80 Front Rail or the P940V2/PF45 Front Rail

  • 1 set of PF940C/SC/V2 Rear Rails ( Sorry no PF45's yet!)

  • 1 Stainless Steel Smooth Operator any caliber

  • 1 set of ROOK Tactical Dimpled Pins Gen 2.0 (We adjusted one of the pins that was a little short for the front pin hole to match the other 25mm pin and those are dropping today)

Doorbuster Price? $65.00 that's a 45% discount off the 117.99 it would cost you to purchase those items individually! Better Hurry Up!

For those of you who don't make the doorbuster deal we are going to discount the front rails down to $49.00 and the Rear Rails down to $30.00 for today ONLY that discount will end at Midnight on Black Friday. They will go back in stock at 2pm CST also.

Scroll down for more deals!

G19 Upper Parts Kit $44.99 (Made in the USA!)

G17 Upper Parts Kit $44.99 (Made in the USA!)

G43 Upper Parts Kit $54.99 (Made in the USA!)

NOMAD Defense Trigger Housing with Connector and Gen 4 9mm Ejector Clone $9.99

NOMAD Defense Gen 4 9mm 30274 Ejector Clone $3.50

ROOK Tactical Gen 2.0 Polymer80 Dimpled Pin Set $14.00

ROOK Tactical Strike80 Specific Perfect Fit Dimpled Pin Set $13.00

ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator Safety Plunger 9mm/10mm/.40/.357 $9.99

ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator Safety Plunger .45 $8.99

ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator Safety Plunger .45 in DLC $12.99

ROOK Tactical OEM Style Safety Plunger 9mm/10mm/.40/.357 $6.99

ROOK Tactical OEM Style Safety Plunger.45 $6.99

ALL OEM GLOCK PARTS will be 15% OFF through the weekend. No code needed.

There will be some other deals through the store but it's no fun if I don't make you go search for them is it?

Also we will be randomly sprinkling our new limited edition Holographic ROOK Tactical Stickers in some packages, along with regular stickers of course, and everybody gets a random color Koozie until we run out!

For those of you still reading I have a little sneak peek for you. We have been working on some new Stainless Steel machined guide rod and spring combinations and hope to have those coming before Christmas. They came out looking so good and will also be a part of the Smooth Operator Product Line due to their radiused front nose. We even managed to machine our logo into one end of them. They look amazing if we do say so ourselves.

Last but not least we know everybody is curious about OTHER RAILS! So here's a little status update. We are behind.

The G26 aka PF940SC front rails are ready to go and we have pulled the trigger on production, but we had to invest in some tooling to be able to make them in any decent quantity. We are trying to get our current production rails caught up enough also, and on balance those make revenue which as I am sure everybody knows is important to any company. So they are coming just slower than we wanted of course.

The PF9SS rails both front and rear need some more adjusting and prototyping to get them JUST right and we will be working on that this weekend but now it's looking like they may push to the New Year.


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