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ROOK Tactical - Closed Jan17th-20th!

Y'all want to talk about dreams coming true? Well attending SHOT Show has been on my list for a long time. It's quite literally a bucket list item.

The thing is generally to even attend SHOT Show you have to be in the industry or know someone in the industry that is willing to say you work for them so its a somewhat hard event to even get accepted into, and you have to jump through some hoops and be vetted to even get there. We will not have a booth this year as its probably a 20k cost all in! But we will be walking around so if you see us (we will have ROOK Tactical logo gear on) and say the secret word we may just have some goodies to give out, there may even be a couple of sets of rear rails traveling with us who knows?

We are super excited at the opportunity to attend and make hopefully a ton of new contacts, catch up with some of our vendors, and meet them in person and put face with names.

Steel City Arsenal, Nomad Defense, Ninex19 are a few of those names, and we are looking forward to strengthening those relationships over a beer and hopefully solidifying ROOK Tactical's future endeavors.

We were actually hoping to have a drop of a LOT of BRAND NEW PRODUCTS this evening for everybody to ogle and purchase while we were out this week but the UPS guy is apparently sleeping, and they did not get here in time for pictures, and all the other logistics involved with that. I still have to pack! So I guess y'all will have to wait. It may not be what you're thinking but we are pretty excited about it, and I guess we will share when we get back.

As always I encourage everybody to please make sure you are signed up for back in stock notifications for items you desire. The "glitch" as far as I can tell HAS been fixed but I am still awaiting confirmation from the website supplier. If any of the rails show as going back in stock this week its a "glitch" so please if it does happen bear with us.

Our supplier now has an extra week to make rails and we are now at a rate of 200 sets per week or so. This means we can hopefully start meeting some of that demand soon and focus on PF45 rear rails again, the SC front rails and of course the PF9SS.

Lastly when we return our new HURCO CNC Vertical Mill should be arriving the Monday after SHOT so we will be working diligently to get that up and running and producing more parts for ROOK's arsenal of goodies. We will be moving shipping out of my office, and into some space we are renting, where the machine will be located, so I am sure that will come with some interesting challenges also. We are also bringing on a couple of employees but more on that at a later date.

Our 1 year anniversary since we went live is January 19th and it has been a WILD ride and a CRAZY year thanks to all you folks who buy and believe in our products and I can't tell you how thankful we are, but it's kind of fitting for us that we get to spend it in Vegas at SHOT Show.

At the sending of this blog we will cease to ship orders until January 21st!'

Love Y'all


P.S. The secret passcode is "ROOK H1!"

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