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ROOK Tactical COBALT PF940CL Giveaway LIVE NOW!

Hey Y'all

As the title suggests we have decided to do a little giveaway in the lead up to our 4th of July sale. The winner will get a ROOK Tactical Edition CL Frame in COBALT with their choice of Pin color and of course sets of our rails, a Steel City Arsenal Battleworn Grey CL Magwell, a ROOK Tactical Hat and some other sweet swag and choice items.

All you have to do to enter is these four things:

  1. Go here:

  2. Give us a FOLLOW

  3. Like the Post

  4. Tag three of your friends in the comments

Note: You must be following, have liked the post and tag three of your friends to qualify - we will check after the drawing is complete and if you do not meet the criteria we will redraw.

We are trying to break 1000 followers so any help here is appreciated PLUS you have an opportunity to win a a free COBALT CL frame the rarest ones we have left along with some other swag! C'mon it's easy! Do it already!

In other news we will be having a pretty big 4th of July sale. Almost EVERYTHING (including rails) will be on sale and we have been stacking rails in anticipation of this discounts will be between 10% up to 25% on some items. The sale will start at NOON Central time on July 1st and run through the weekend.

This will also be the weekend where we drop the LAST of the CL frames and even those will be discounted. We are going to put in stock everything we have. These are the last ones we have and once they are gone they are gone.

Also dropping this weekend will be the Coated versions of our "Perfect Fit" PF45 and PF940SC pins in TiN and DLC.

Last but not least unfortunately as most of you now know we can no longer ship frames to California. Rails and other parts are still allowed (for now) but who knows when they will come after those too? Illinois and Maryland look to have a complete ban on ANY 80% parts starting in August so we are pretty sure that will preclude us from sending any more rails to those states after the drop dead dates - so be aware and get your orders in now if you need them. We will have LOTs of rails, but of course it never seems to be enough to meet demand.

Good luck to everybody who decide's to enter the giveaway we will have the drawing on the 1st with entries being closed at NOON on the 1st of July.

Love Y'all.


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