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ROOK Tactical Locking Blocks Update

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The orders for the next batch of Locking Blocks have been placed, and we are well on our way to hitting our stated delivery goal 4-6 weeks from now. Current outlook for G17 Blocks is for us to receive them 03/25 and G19's about a week after that on 03/31. ROOK will ship immediately after quality conformance is confirmed!

The feedback so far from the people that have received theirs from the initial pre-sale are that they fit perfectly and run smooth. Why would you want to miss out on the ultimate upgrade?

Here's a review for all you MGB followers:

If you are NOT on the pre-order list yet and are waiting until we got a little closer to delivery - NOW's the time! We will be fulfilling PRE-ORDERS only first, and will only put in stock and up for sale what we have left. But be warned some of the blocks are slated for some additional experimental procedures for finishing that we can't disclose just yet. So the G19 Blocks in particular will probably be in Limited Supply and we expect them to sell out fast again, don't be left behind get on the pre-order now!

As always - Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!

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