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Sell Gun Parts on the Internet they said IT will be FUN they said! A good problem to have RIGHT!??!

Okay - so quick update as I know we have many people patiently and anxiously awaiting their orders.

Y'all.....plain and simple...we are overwhelmed.

We were WOEFULLY underprepared for the deluge of orders we received. I thought we were prepared. You know I had a bunch of stuff pre-bagged...ready to go... all LA-DI-DAH!

This will be eeasssyyyyy...then BAM!! Uh uh-oh that's not going to be enough preparation! In the words of that one guy in Jaws. "I'm going to need a bigger closet"

The response to this sale has us both awed and grateful for the many orders (close to 400) we have received. It's been a crazy week to say the least. As I type this my wife is fulfilling boxes and orders and we are working as fast as we can to get caught up.

I believe as of this moment we are sold out of G19 front rails and the Rear Rails but still have some G17 rails in stock. The good news is we have more on the way of most everything so watch for the drop for that!

At our current trajectory and working methodically through we SHOULD have everybody their orders shipped by FRIDAY/SATURDAY at the latest. Please if you have any issues let me know first and we will always do our best to make our customer happy.

Thanks for GETTIN'ROOK'D!

Peter M.

Owner - ROOK Tactical.

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