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SHIPPING Update! Last Day to enter Giveaway!

Hey Y'all - just wanted to send out a quick update to let everybody know that all the orders received over the weekend since Friday will be a little delayed on shipping.

We are in a Winter Storm Warning and Freeze here in North Texas and while I had intended on headed to the shop today to pack orders, the roads are pretty icy and treacherous around us. So its looking like we won't make it to the shop until Wednesday/Thursday based on weather forecasts. Your patience is appreciated!

If you have not yet entered the Instagram giveaway then today is the last day! We are giving away a TON of SWAG collected from SHOT Show 2023 so make sure you head over there and do the required things to enter. We will be drawing names tomorrow and we are giving away at LEAST 10 bags, click this to enter ------> INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!

Compact Rear Rails ARE in stock so if you have not headed over to the site to get yours then best get over there now and pick them up!

Coated Rear rails will be coming in the near future and we hope to restart PF45 Rear Rail production soon.

With the freeze keeping me in the house I will be spending the next few days working on some changes to The UNO to ensure it will also work with Polyer80's updated ATF Compliant Frame where possible.

Love Y'all!


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