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Surprise!!! G17/G19 Rails Back in Stock

Let's see who's sleeping?

We got a shipment of rear rails in today and they are back in stock. For tonight I am only releasing them to those of you who are signed up to the website and signed up to receive blog notifications.

If there are any left they will go out to the general public tomorrow morning, and my marketing guy is chomping at the bit to push them out there. So I would say if you wake up and see this e-mail you best log on and get you a set!

Sorry - no fancy pictures and no long diatribe this evening I am beat!

Go here to get you some!

For those of you that missed out fear not! We have more incoming soon and G19 rails are expected NEXT week along with MORE Rear Rails.

Last but not least I know you guys love Sneak Peeks. 3D Printed Prototypes of multiple rails arrived today for fitment test...are you excited? Because I'm excited!

First person to comment below with the correct Color and the corresponding Frame that each set of rails goes into gets a prize.

Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!

ROOK Tactical.

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May 12, 2021



blue -g17



ROOK Tactical
ROOK Tactical
May 12, 2021

Congratulations to @greenlanternless looks like we have a winner!

Replying to

Not at all, Im in no rush. 👍


Red 26, blue 43, black 43, yellow 45


Yellow p45 black g43 and red g42 blue


Red: PF9SS; Blue: SS80; Black: 43; Yellow: 45

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