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TACPACK Giveaway...ON NOW!!

Hey Y'all

Alright so we were recently invited to participate in a pretty HUMONGOUS giveaway of simply EPIC proportions with a company we have been lucky enough to recently partner up with named TACPACK (

If you have not heard of them they are basically a badass subscription service that ships you amazing Tactical orientated goodies every month, at a price far less than the worth of the contents of the box.

Well now they are doing a $10,000 (at least) giveaway with a whole slew of industry greats. It's pretty bananas. There even a PVS-14 Nightvision Monocle with mounts and and Helmet which is probably close to 5k by itself.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below by clicking the banner - sign up and you are in with a chance of winning. Simple!

This is just a sample of the goodies being given away:

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