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The Big Reveal. Compact Longslide (CL) Frames. Today is Appropriate...PLEASE READ!

Let me preface this - the frames are NOT live yet this is just the notice telling you what we have, and to make sure you are signed up for BACK-IN-STOCK notifications as you do not want to miss out. We will NOT announce the drop of the CL frames on the blog they will ONLY go out on back-in-stock notifications for the first 24 hours. If there are any left we will push out a blog but we find that doubtful. We will be dropping them in batches of 200 at a time.

Did anybody figure it out? If anybody did nobody e-mailed me. We did leave a trail of breadcrumbs for y'all...

In the initial shipment drop, if you looked very closely and zoomed in you would see that ONE label was visible, and in that label you could in fact see that CL box ticked. However you could only zoom in far enough on your phone. Interesting right? You can just see it if you sleuth and squint. Says right there CL frames.

In the last blog when we announced the ROOK Tactical Edition Polymer80 we also gave you a small clue:

Then you know we have also been telling y'all we may blow your minds...just a little bit.

The last of the shipment arrives today and we have 800 of them. These are the LAST 800 CL frames that Polymer80 made/had in their possession. Not only did we luck into them we also got Polymer80 to agree to sell them to use without the front and rear rails or pins. Apparently they "found" them in the back of the warehouse and we were just lucky enough to ask about them with the correct timing. The only colors we will have are FDE/Coyote and OD Green. There are a few Cobalt's but we will probably hold on to those for maybe some giveaways and other things at a later date - within 120 days of course.

What does this mean? Well it means of course that every CL that we ship will have the following in the box:

ROOK Tactical Front Locking Block System

ROOK Tactical Rear Rail System

ROOK Tactical Dimpled Pin Sets

The first 500 that we sell will also get extra goodies in the form of our new ROOK Tactical morale patch and everybody will get a few other extras (stickers, randomized "Smooth Operator" safety plungers, other things) in the box.

The price for all this goodness - $225 Shipped. This is a great deal.

Instead of having to go out buy a Polymer80 for $150-170 +Shipping (and that price will be going up after today) and then buying some of our rails for it from the website which is $91.50 +Shipping. You get it all in one place at a discount. We are ALSO throwing in a set of our machined Dimpled Pins +$16.50 along with other goodies AND this is one of the most sought after and currently rarest frames to find, and you know...In 120 days they probably won't be able to be bought at all. We think this is a great deal. If you don't think so we understand but these will sell out - FAST.

We have a FEW more surprises up our sleeve in the next week or so before they drop and we will post about them appropriately.

We will be working over the next 120 days to manufacture and sell as many rails and kits as we can before the current attempts at lawlessness takes effect. After that we will have to see what happens. However I can promise that ROOK Tactical is not going anywhere, and we have made the necessary preparations to PIVOT. We will continue to manufacture all the other items that we can, and we will strive to bring innovative and sought after products to market even if we can no longer make the rails.

This blog was scheduled and timed to drop right when the "rule" is to be announced and in defiance of that we are also taking 20% off ALL Glock inventory and 15% off ALL ROOK Tactical Inventory (no rails today sorry!) for the next 24 hours so take your opportunity to stock up on other parts you will need while you wait for the CL Frame drop in the coming weeks.


Love Y'all.


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