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Vacation Time!!

Just wanted to let everybody know that ROOK Tactical will be on vacation from Friday the 14th of May until Monday the 17th of May.

We have been burning the candle at both ends these past few months, and are ready for some much needed R&R!

Therefore any orders between now and Monday will not ship until next Tuesday. Though if you order tonight we will probably ship on our way out of town tomorrow - wait I shouldn't have said that PLEASE DON'T FLOOD ME WITH ORDERS!

Couple of things on our way out. Of course. We are on track to receive G19 Front Rails and some more Rear Rails on a weekly (fingers crossed) basis starting sometime next week so be sure to keep an eye on your e-mails!

We will also be getting some "special edition" rear rails that is lets say Juiced. We have been working on some experimental treatments and think our customers will like the result! It's not DLC its something else.

Also next week we should start receiving some of our "smooth operator" safety plungers along with another surprise we have been working on in the background so stay tuned!

There is one more kind of big announcement pending but we can't talk about that - lets just say we will be expanding our offering and upgrading our store very soon!

It's been a crazy almost 4 months since we opened , and we appreciate the support of each and every one of you Patriots! We look forward to bringing you some more exciting innovations in the very near future.

Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd y'all and don't forget to BE the KING of YOUR Castle.

Sincere Regards

Peter M.

Owner - ROOK Tactical.

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