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Want 35% OFF ROOK Tactical? Read This!

Hey Y'all,

Today is going to be a long post, and there will not be any drops other than an opportunity to get 35% off (with a one-time use code for any future purchase, but you have to work for it!). So, I would appreciate it if you would read through it all as it's important to me, as some major decisions are being made. I promise the payoff "might" be worth it.

August 3rd (today) marks the 1-year anniversary of the day that I was able to quit my job and make ROOK Tactical my full-time gig. While that is a momentous occasion for me, there's a lot to tell behind the story, and it's been a long time since I have done a "transparency" post, and with todays anniversary, it felt like the right time.

First of all, let me tell you, this has been an amazing journey. I thank all of my true customers for sticking by us through thick and thin. I have nothing but extreme appreciation for you guys & gals. We have never been perfect, nor will we ever be, but ROOK has always strived to provide a quality product at a reasonable price, made in the USA, backed with fantastic customer service, and continued innovation. Of course, we fail on occasion (Never enough rails in stock - The UNO is way behind...), but we do always try to make it right. We will continue on this mission for as long as we are able, and for now, at least, we are not going anywhere. There are many people who need thanking in this post; I will keep them anonymous as they know who they are. However, my wife, T, K, D, J, J, K, and M deserve special mention. Without them, we would be nowhere and nothing, and that's the truth. Love Y'all.

ROOK Tactical was founded as a company in November 2020; however, our first "sale" went live on January 19th (I think?) 2021. That first sale, we did maybe $1500, and I thought I had won the lottery. My family and I were already very fortunate and blessed, but this was one of the largest rushes I had ever felt. Having been an Engineer in the oil and gas industry for almost 20 years, bringing those first sets of rails to market successfully was one of the most fulfilling endeavors I had ever taken on and achieved. It helped me realize that the path I was on was not the right one, and thus I needed to change direction as quickly as possible to waste as little time as necessary in this short life. Being, becoming, and succeeding as an Entrepreneur was the life for me. No question.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and we have been through a lot together. As ROOK Tactical approaches $1 Million dollars in sales. That's SALES NOT PROFITS! A milestone that we hope to cross with the upcoming release of The UNO. I have found myself re-examining a lot of things, including the world around us and the world we live in currently. This has been a really tough year in the firearms business. Instead of growth, we saw stagnation, and that seems to be the norm across the board with many of the fantastic contacts I have made, experiencing similar trends. The outright suppression of our 1A and 2A rights by social media companies coordinating with our own and other governments, as recently revealed, only helped to reinforce the notion that WE are under attack CONSTANTLY. It's hurt us in ways we can't even fathom.

This isn't an easy path we choose, but it's definitely the right and just path. My wife recently asked me, "If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?" I told her, "Exactly what I am doing right now..." That's powerful. Knowing with absolute certainty that the route you are taking is the ultimate one. Its what drives me to get up in the morning and will continue to drive me to future successes I am sure.

But admitting it to myself and truly accepting it was even more powerful. Although compelling, it came with a crisis of confidence, and a lot of renewed questions of how to proceed. A lot has happened over the past few weeks, some of which, unfortunately, I cannot fully share. I made a new friend, and it's a person who I have always found to be inspirational in many ways. Now I get to speak with him somewhat freely, which is "Scary Funny."

Most of you will think I am oversharing already! However, I will tell you that one of the biggest outcomes of this whole thing is that I am more committed to being a better husband and father than I have ever been. That's what is most important. Nothing else matters. Am I perfect? No. Has my relationship with my wife and kids suffered due to my dedication to ROOK? Absolutely. All I can do is hope to change that in the future armed with the knowledge I have now.

Due to the infringements and attacks on our rights, I have made a decision to start moving away from some of the social networks that were and continue to be responsible and accomplice. Facebook, Instagram, etc. I'm not sure that they have done ANYTHING for US lately other than giving places to gather that are so obviously scrutinized you may as well just bend over and let the government give you a colonoscopy. Sure, some "Guntubers" and "Instagunners" have become influencers and make a ton of money, and I am happy for them, and hope that success continues, but we know for sure that success has not come without adhering to some arbitrary rules, and/or being banned for something that we consider to be freedom. Just freedom. That is it, that is all we are asking for and its too much for them. Friends are forced to compromise their morals in some cases to chase the money and make a living and I understand and sympathize - not pointing any fingers . Again MORE power to them for surviving. The point is they should not have to. To the firearms industry though, Facebook, Instagram and a few others are no friends. We need a new platform and I think I have found it in 𝕏.

So ultimately, I think we are going to try and move away from those platforms and transition over to 𝕏 ( for our social media . After hanging out there for a while through its transition from Twitter, I can tell you it has become a much different place that which now seems to be hell-bent on providing a "free space" for people to post, discuss, and attend an actual Public Town Square where all voices can be heard. You are already able to form "communities" and the ability to hold "spaces", from an educational and discussion standpoint allows for some real organization to occur with a higher guarantee of privacy. I think. We will still have some presence on Instagram and Facebook for now as we transition and our good friend Rocky Decatur will keep people apprised of sales, and other goings on until told otherwise. However our followers on 𝕏 will begin to gain an advantage as things progress.

We are also in the process of becoming listed on Public Square ( which is going to be like Amazon but with big wings of freedom attached - I would suggest checking it out. There will be a discount code for subscribers of course.

Honestly, our social media presence was/is pretty shit and I am not trying to build some viral brand. I am trying to build A STABLE BRAND and some other BRANDS that are stable and secure and aimed towards the common good.

Currently I am writing up the tenets and goals of a new aerospace company I am forming that will hopefully bring to fruition some other ideas I have been working on in the background, the good news is there will be a way for you my customers to actually INVEST in this company at a later date if you so desire.

We also have a clothing brand in the works with some pretty sweet designs in the pipeline for fall/winter.

These are just spare time projects I promise!

Okay so I'm sure your wondering how the F**K do i get my 35% off ROOK? All this reading for what? Its somewhat simple but read carefully and folow the instructions. You need to go to 𝕏.com make and account and follow us, @ROOKTac

Then when a box pops up for suggested follows connected to us you take a screenshot then follow them too. P.S. you can only do this on a phone. Take a screenshot and send it to it should look like this:

If for some reason you can't do the above then you need to go and follow at least five people that I follow, and send proof. We will be verifying!

There's a reason it has its own NEW e-mail address. You will receive a one time, any time use 35% coupon code personalized to you. Please be patient as we work to achieve this. No Coupon stacking though please :)

Again we will also be using X emails in the future for specials and maybe some giveaways.

Oh one more thing anybody who reads this whole blog and goes through the process and does it correctly and qualifies for the 35% off will be entered to into a giveaway to receive one of the first UNO's out of production completely free. We may even draw for two or three.

As Always Love Y'all


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