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Well that was an interesting day...Please Read. ROOK.

Hey Y'all!

First of all let me open with a THANK YOU! ROOK Tactical just posted our biggest one day sales ever which simply banana's to us.

Second we know there was an issue with one of the safety plunger pricing being incorrect. We meant to take $3.00 off the product but in our haste to get everything ready we fat fingered it and put it at 3%. I promise we are going to track through every order that has that safety plunger and make sure everybody get's their $3 refund. So keep an eye out for it please. If anybody else had issues with pricing being incorrect in their cart please reach out to me so we can fix it!

Third - we have a LOT of items to ship out (Biggest SALE EVARRRR!!) and we will need some patience. We now have to e-mail all the people who got doorbuster deals to reconfirm and work through them to ensure they get the combination that they want. Our hope is to have everything shipped out and on its way 7 days from today. If you receive a shipping notice please be advised it may be a day or two before you see it in the system. We print all the labels first, and then pack all in one go when we can get everybody together to help, plus USPS is running slowly at the moment so please be patient. We think this is still somewhat ahead of a lot of the industry, and its basically just me, my wife, my business partner and my neighbor when he can help. This will change in 2022.

Every time ROOK thinks we have hit a peak, our customers come along and take us to new highs. With that of course come more challenges and growing pains and we would like to to take an opportunity to address some of those. We always try to be open as and as transparent as we can be with our customer as we have always believed that's what makes a good company.

Lately we have lacked in our responsibilities of transparency simply due to time. We now seem to run out of it every day. If I'm not working my day job which is an hour drive each way, then I'm either packing up packages, packing up and bagging goods to be sold, ordering more product, picking up more products, or dealing with customer requests/complaints or SOMETHING to do with ROOK. I'm not complaining let me make that clear just giving some insight as to why I work pretty much 18 hours every day, and have been for 10 months now. It's a lot - we are trying to take on help, but also the transition point for that is a little scary, because becoming responsible for somebody's welfare OTHER than my own, and my families is well...terrifying...

While on par I do not think we actually get a lot of complaints as you grow, no doubt the number of complaints grow its just how it goes. There will always be some people who are not happy with something. We strive and do our best to make it right but sometimes it's literally impossible.

So yesterday - of course we wanted to take advantage of Black Friday and have a sale of goods, and I thought we had thrown out some pretty good deals. I mean the doorbuster was pretty amazing, which is fairly obvious by the response it had, but we also discounted our rails which we rarely do. A customer made this meme in the aftermath which is so accurate I had to post it!

But...With a deal like that and only 25 sets up for grabs there will be some winners and some losers - I will say this I commend everybody for playing by the rules each person only got ONE doorbuster deal in their cart, and some even came back and ordered more stuff later in the day once things had calmed down a bit.

There were of course a few upset people who did not get the deal, and while I feel bad for them it's not really something I should be apologizing for. A doorbuster is exactly that - you hesitate - your last. This is not Walmart or Target, just because you have something in your cart it does not make it yours. The way our website works, it removes stock once payment is verified. Then and only then is it yours. If we run it any other way the website will oversell as it will allow simultaneous transactions to process and with the number of people we had on our site at one time yesterday we would have had 100 doorbuster deals out the door before it was all said and done. That would have either cost us a lot of money, or we would have had to tell 75 unhappy people they were NOT getting their doorbuster deal. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was in the same boat. Close to 300 people who were trying had an equal opportunity, some were just faster than others, again I am not going to apologize for that. Yes the website ran slow but it had a lot of traffic, and again that's something that everybody had to deal with. So it is what it is, if people still feel upset about that then please reach out to me personally to chat about it. For those who got the doorbuster Congratulations!

Okay, there were also some people who missed out on rear rails and I got a LOT of complaints about that - normally when we put the amount in stock that we did they last 12-24 hours minimum - yesterday they sold out in 8 minutes. Our customer base has about doubled since I went on MGBs show a few weeks back, it was great exposure, but it also meant that when we drop stock at least for now there will be double the people or more vying for merchandise. We already did not have enough product to meet demand and that demand just doubled, so please be patient while we attempt to catch up. Trust me when I tell you it is not for lack of trying, we keep ordering more and more but with that comes increased lead times, and we just have not been able to scale to meet demand especially on the rear rails. Its frustrating as I of course would LOVE to sell more rear rails and continue this crazy growth. We are also reluctant to limit people to a specific number for general sale stuff as we are capitalists at heart.

For the most part though, you guys are amazing I have to say we love the all the support and love that people love our product, and I just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of ROOK's heart! We expect 2022 to be a great year with some surprises in the works, and we hope to continue to bring great products to market that separate us from the competition.

I am taking the rest of the day off to spend it with my family, and the Black Friday sale prices will come down in 30 minutes at 10:00am!

Love Y'all!


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