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Whose ready for an EPIC DROP?

I know we certainly are. Okay where to begin?

Well I think we need to begin with a favor - I need each and every one of you who are not already a member over at Marine Gun Builder to head over there as soon as you are done shopping, and sign up for a membership, doesn't have to be VIP but please help grow the community and show your support for Kenny.

Without Kenny - ROOK Tactical would probably not exist, and he is currently under assault for being an advocate and staunch defender of our rights. It's a great community with a lot of great members and it's filled with fantastic information so please head over there and sign-up.

Okay with that out of the way!

How about some BIG NEWS! We have now become a dealer for everybody's favorite slides and barrels. As of today, ROOK Tactical will be carrying Steel City Arsenal and NineX19 products. For this first drop, we only have a few in stock, so you better hurry if this is what you're looking for. We are working on getting inserted into their production cycle and hope to have more to offer in the near future. For now, Get you some of these!

WE have ONE of the highly sought-after WARHAWKS...GOOD LUCK!

NineX19 Barrels anybody?

Next how about some Strike 80 Specific Dimpled pins? Oh yeah, that's right we went ahead and designed and manufactured a whole specific set of pins JUST for the Strike 80. What does this mean? It means the front three pins, Trigger and two locking block pins are all 28mm in length meaning they sit perfectly flush with the side of the frame after installation. What about that skinny rear? Oh, we have that covered too! We shortened the pin in the rear to 22mm for a perfect fit. For now, we only have machined 17-4PH Stainless Steel but we are in the process of trying to source black and...

Third, our ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator safety plungers are finally ready for release. along with our OEM-style ones. We had a competition shooter test the smooth operator prototypes and his feedback is "It smooths and lightens take-up on the trigger..."

These are machined from our favorite steel 17-4PH bar and as always made in the USA in fact right here in the great state of Texas! The price for these little jewels? Only $11.99 and $12.99

We have them in stock for both 9mm/.40/.380 slides and .45/10mm slides.

Let's see what else...

How about some Juiced Rear Rails? Oh? What's that you say ROOK? They are Juiced?

Indeed! These are not your momma's rear rails - oh no no these have had a special treatment - some special lurrveee. You see we decided to run an experiment to see how the rails would look with some "tumbling". Well, they were tumbled alright for over 96 hours! In many different types of media. It's all TOP SECRET and HUSH HUSH but Juice tells me they are great, and trust me he's impossibly picky. So, you are just going to have to take HIS word for it. From what he tells me, the tumbling helps to gently smooth out the imperfections evenly across the whole part (on both a micro and macro scale). It also removes the tooling marks leftover from the machining. We think they look fabulous and are probably going to switch to these in ALL of our personal builds. Whether or not they become a permanent fixture in our store is up to you. Let's see how fast they sell out! Get them here:

Have we had enough yet? Nah I don't think so.

We also have more G19 Rails in stock those can be found in their usual spot:

There are a few G17 Rails in stock those can be found here once they are sold out it will be a while until we get them in again due to some design upgrades and getting them fit into production:

We have some G26 Match Grade Rival Arms Barrels in Stock and those are now down at the lowest allowable advertised price @ $199.99:

Well, I think that about does it for now. Have a great day y'all and as always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd

ROOK Tactical.

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