Compatible with Polymer 80 PF940V2/PF940C/PF940V2


ROOK Tacticals Precision Machined Rear Rail System is HERE! Machined from solid Billets of the same 17-4 material as our front locking blocks, these high quality precision rails are designed to work in Tandem with the ROOK Tactical Front Locking Blocks to make for easier slide fitment and a more precise slide action. If your holes are drilled right these will fit. 


ROOK Tactical Reccomends watching the install video below before trying to install to assure proper fitment. Some fitment and adjustment of the rails MAY still be needed in some cases if the holes are drilled slightly misaligned. Some fitment my also be needed if the rails seem a little wide its down to the mold changing over time on the polymer injected lowers. In some cases especially with thesubcompact frame the trigger connector will need a little more or little less clearance in order to function properly.


** At this time we are unable to offer a discount code on these parts but we will be working diligently to reduce their price as the volumes increase.

ROOK Tactical Rear Rail System Compatible with POLYMER 80 PF940 V2/C/SC

SKU: ROOK-1005