The ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator Guide rods are the ones you have been looking for and didn't know you needed. Machined from 17-4SS they employ a radii at the nose/tip where it interacts with the slide to prevent snagging and a smoother overall operation. Designed to work with an uncaptured spring and available in Stainless Steel, Titanium Nitride or Diamond Like Carbon these guide rods come in at a whopping 22 grams without the spring providing that all important weight where its needed to help prevent muzzle flip.   


If you look at the bottom of the guide rod you will also find the ROOK Tactical logo engraved there. A feature proving this part is proudly manufactured by ROOK Tactical in the USA and a nod to ROOK as always going the extra mile. 


NOTE :The Guide Rod comes with an optional 18lb Standard weight G19 Spring provided by Wollf Springs - the best spring guys in the business. If you wish to tune with a different lighter or heavier spring then  we reccomend  that you purchase one individually from them. ROOK Tactical will plan to offer other spring weights in the future as we grow this product line. 

ROOK Tactical Smooth Operator G17 Guide Rod with 18lb Spring SS/TiN/DLC