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Rear Rails are in stock! Not a Joke! Unless you got this an hour ago...

Going to keep this short and sweet - for a change.

Rear rails are in stock - told you we would start having almost weekly re-stocks! Now if we could just get the front rails on the same schedule - don't you worry they are a coming!

The standard Stainless Steel Dimpled Pins are also back in stock:

We are putting the G43 upper kits on sale for a pretty low price! Now only $47.99 thats $22.00 off retail!

Last but not least don't forget about all our other new stuff we got in like the the hot selling Tac Spike, Smooth Operator Guide Rods, and Smooth Operator Safety Plungers. We have them in Stainless., TiN and DLC.

We also now have our dimpled pins in TiN and DLC for those of you that missed it previously.

Good Hunting Y'all


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